HKTS 16BQ Review

Music is a part of our everyday life. Probably the good sound quality gives a better impression when listening to your favorite song. Nowadays, there are a lot of different devices and products which offer exactly what you need. But which one is the best for its monetary value? Maybe now you are wondering which speaker or audio system to purchase? Then you are looking at the right place. Check this HKTS 16BQ review and find out more about the home theater speaker package.

HKTS 16BQ Review

If you want to equip your home with a good surrounding sound system better do it once and right. This HKTS 16BQ 5.1 channel surround sound system will give you the best audio quality. It comes along with five voice – matched satellite speakers. Hence, it will produce a real and rich sound quality with an amazing sound effects. You can simply place it next to your TV without causing magnetic interference. You can either set the speakers on a surface or simply mount them on a wall. This gives an extra flexibility for installing the speakers on different locations.HKTS 16BQ Review


Powerful 200W Subwoofer
This audio system is offering you an enhanced audio realism to all your movie, TV or video – game entertainment. The high performance surrounding system includes a powerful 200W down – firing subwoofer.

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Complete 5.1 Channel SystemAs a complete home theater surround – sound system, this HKTS 16BQ has everything that you need. Satellite bases, wall – mounting hardware and all the necessary cables are included. The removable self – mount stands and wall – mount brackets are offering you great stability and flexibility. As a result of adding a pair of front–height or rear–channel surround speakers, you can unleash the 7.1–channel capability.

Magnetically Shielded Speaker Components
Unprotected loudspeaker components can result with an interfering the magnetic field around devices and cause a damage. But this magnetically shielded HKTS 16BQ speakers will deliver high-performance and high-quality sound even when placed next to a TV.

Energy Saving Features
In order to fit in the European guidelines, this HKTS 16BQ audio system is using low standby-power consumption. Also, it includes a number of energy-efficient features. If the subwoofer doesn’t receive any audio input signal for 15 minutes, the subwoofer automatically turns off. This system keeps your power bill low.

Seems like the system also has its own downsides. Some of the customers were complaining about the subwoofer quality which starts to hum after a while. This doesn’t mean you are likely to get the issue, but It is just good to know customer reactions.

Technical Details

Model Number Harmon Kardon
Model Number HKTS16BQ
Color Black
Speaker Type Subwoofers, Surround, Satellite
Speaker Connectivity Wired

Final Verdict

Finally, you will get an excellent sound for the price. It mostly fits best for smaller places, like a personal room. This is good because your neighbors will not complain about the high volume. As a result, you will enjoy your favorite music without being disturbed. We will end this HKTS 16BQ review by leaving you to decide what suits your needs the best.

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