GGMM M4 Review

Listening to your favorite song with a great sound quality is easy nowadays. If your PC doesn’t deliver a full sound quality or you are looking for a strong speaker for other devices, check this sound system review. In this GGMM M4 review we are going to introduce a great wireless speaker. It is a very popular speaker which gives you a great sound quality. GGMM M4 has a premium design which is going to throw a fashionable feel to your living space. It is convenient, portable and efficient sound gear. You can even take it on a picnic with friends and enjoy the good music. Scroll down this GGMM M4 review and find out more about the product.

GGMM M4 Review

GGMM M4 Review               GGMM M4 Review


GGMM M4 is one of the top 3 best selling speaker system on the price range. It has a variety of different features and specifications which are going to deliver an amazing sound quality. This retro speaker is covered with microfiber leather with CNC stainless aluminum alloy finishing. It is convenient for every style, both indoor and outdoor.

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Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / AUX
Connect to your Wi-Fi internet network and listen to your favorite internet radio or online streaming music services like Spotify, Pandora and iHeartradio. This GGMM M4 speaker gives you the prospect to touch base via direct Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi router, Bluetooth or AUX. You can interchange between different audio sources and up to 16 devices without disconnecting.

Built-In Battery
Due to the rechargeable battery you can play and enjoy your music anywhere and anytime. The battery lasts up to 10 hours of playtime before it needs recharging. It’s working distance is up to 100ft which is rather respectable.

Multi-room Music System via Wi-Fi
As a result of buying two or more GGMM M4 speakers and connect them via Wi-Fi, you can establish a great audio system. While they are connected to your Wi-Fi network you can play the same or different music on each speaker. The characteristic that each speaker can play L/R channels will create a great sound experience. Besides, there is an app available on the Apple Store / Google Store. Download the app and start controlling the speakers through your smart phone.


GGMM in their FAQ is warning that the speaker is optimized for iOS devices. Hence, if you own an Android / Microsoft device, there might be some issues like music randomly pausing and having to be manually resumed. Some of the users were also complaining about the Android app. If you own an iDevice then you shouldn’t run into any issues.

Technical Details

Dimensions 14.4in x 6.2in x 7.4in
Weight 6 pounds
Shipping Weight 8.5 pounds
Model number WS-401-10

Final Verdict

Regarding fashion, this speaker comes in multiple colors including red, orange, blue and brown. The product comes with GGMM Wireless Digital Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Speaker, AC adapter, 3.5mm audio cable, leather strap, user manual and 3-year warranty with free lifetime technical support. Check out the YouTube video and find out more about its awesome characteristics. Finally, at the end of this GGMM M4 review, we would like to state that this speaker is a cracking alternative for those who want an excellent sound quality and a great performance.

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